December 4, 2018

oakdale-merge.pngNYSDOT HOLDS OPEN HOUSE RE: Possible OAKDALE MERGE fix

Last week, NYSDOT hosted a public open house in Oakdale, where they displayed various ideas and proposals for fixing the notoriously dangerous and delay-prone Oakdale Merge intersection. The multitude of concepts put forward by the state - each of which included a corresponding rough cost estimate – ranged from “do nothing” (NOT an option as far as most are concerned!) to major improvements such as adding as many as 4 lanes. Some proposals included at-grade concepts (changing configurations, widening lanes/shoulders/adding lanes), while others involved the use of viaducts or bridges to help alleviate the problems. Click here to view more information or here for the DOT-specific project page (PIN 0059.28). LICA has long fought for the state to take action to fix this hazardous intersection, but environmental concerns which have derailed many previous plans still remain an issue to be addressed. FiOS1 interviewed Herbst during their coverage of this story, click here to see the clip.

DOT representatives were on hand to answer questions for the community about all possible options, and DOT has asked for comments from the community to be submitted by December 28 before they finalize their planning & feasibility study in January 2019. Pictured above with LICA’s Marc Herbst is Ken Murphy, NYSDOT Region 10 Engineer. To view a copy of the leaflet provided at the meeting, click here

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