January 22, 2019


Last Wednesday, LICA Executive Director Marc Herbst was pleased to stand alongside Babylon Town Supervisor Rich Schaffer, Public Works Commissioner Tom Stay and other members of the Babylon Town Board to announce the Supervisor’s proposal for an aggressive, cost saving road improvement program. The proposal calls for the investment of nearly $100 million over the next 8 years, for necessary road construction in order to properly maintain town roads and “prevent pothole plague”.

Schaffer’s proposal was drafted after a recent study of road conditions which showed that a significant portion of the Town’s roads were aging at the same rate. As those roads approach the aging date, key thoroughfares are certain to fall into major disrepair, creating a potential “pothole plague” which would force the Town to spend funds making hundreds of temporary and costly pothole repairs. However, with careful planning and sufficient funding in the budget to complete regularly scheduled road resurfacing and maintenance, the Town expects to save taxpayers money (and aggravation) avoiding the dreaded “pothole plague”.

Citing a study done by LICA in 2013, Herbst noted that the Town of Babylon was ranked #1 of all Suffolk Towns in terms average investment per lane mile and he is pleased to see that under Supervisor Schaffer, the town plans to continue its commitment to infrastructure investment to help keep their roads safe and structurally sound for residents.

See the related Newsday article here. We are pleased to note that Schaffer’s proposal was approved later that day by the Babylon Town Board at their scheduled meeting.

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