March 3, 2020

LICA-Hold-Press-Conference-urging-Oakdale.pngLICA’S Call To Fix Oakdale Merge Heard By Newsday & More

LICA’s February 6th roadside press conference which called for the state to move forward with a fix for the troubled Oakdale Merge intersection was apparently heard not only by those in attendance and driving by, but by the editors at Newsday as well. Following that press conference, Newsday’s editorial board ran an opinion piece about the need for the state to fund and improve local roadways, citing the poor condition of many roads as evidenced by the independent road pavement conditions study which LICA commissioned and released late last year.

As a result of the many comments they received about the article, Newsday gave residents an opportunity to officially voice their opinions about what they felt were the worst local roads. In a matter of a few days, Newsday received over 100 responses which they posted in a follow up article on February 20. Click here to see what others said and if you agree! LICA also received dozens of comments on our own website, ranging from “This area negatively affects tens of thousands of people every day” to “This needs to be fixed NOW. How much longer must we all suffer?” For a gallery of photos from the press conference, click here. Read other articles about the original February 6 press conference here or check out comments posted on LICA’s social media account.


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