October 25, 2016

laura-curran.pngCourageous Curran Stands Up for County

Nassau County, awash in arrests, criminal investigations, political pandering and bumbling bureaucratic dysfunction, finally has someone standing up for good government. County Legislator Laura Curran (D-Baldwin), who began her first term on office in January 2015, decided to break the legislative gridlock and cast the deciding votes to approve bonding for vital public works projects throughout the County. Curran serves on the legislature’s Finance and Public Works & Parks committees.

The region’s heavy construction industry applauds her resolve to ensure that the public receives essential repairs to its infrastructure. Thanks to her leadership, projects valued at over $50 million are anticipated during the coming year. This amount includes $26 million for much-needed road resurfacing projects. In addition, she voted to approve another $18 million in funding for improvements at Nassau County Community College.

LICA Executive Director Marc Herbst called Curran’s action at the legislature’s October 13th meeting “gutsy.” Curran’s votes sided with Republican majority members, upsetting her own Democratic caucus. Herbst commented, “Clearly, Legislator Curran had lost patience with the political maneuvering and decided that her conscience held her to vote for the taxpayers she represents.”

Curran supporters are urging her to consider running for Nassau County Executive next year. “For her to go against her political party while contemplating to head the Democratic campaign ticket next year speaks volumes of her integrity.”

John Duffy, Business Manager/Treasurer of Operating Engineers Local 138, admired the bravery Curran demonstrated with her legislative action. “Laura stood up for working men and women. We will not forget her strong leadership.”

Before Curran’s election to the Nassau County Legislature, she served as a member of the Baldwin Board of Education from 2011-2014. A journalism professional, Curran was previously employed as a reporter for the New York Daily News and the New York Post covering education, politics, and crime, and was often among the first reporters at breaking news scenes. Please click here to view Newsday’s article on Curran’s courageous decision.

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