September 25, 2018


With Veterans Day soon approaching, LICA is urging our members to support the United Way of Long Island (UW-LI), who continues to help support our local veterans through their annual MISSION UNITED campaign. For veterans who have served and sacrificed, you can actually help support them by putting a shirt ON the backs (or a hat on the heads) of your families, friends and employees. UW-LI asks business owners to join the campaign by simply asking employees and friends to make small donations to purchase a UW MISSION UNITED tee shirt (or cap!). Then, urge everyone to wear the shirt on Monday, November 12 in observance of Veterans Day to honor those who have served. Take a group photo and post it on social media to show your customers (and our veterans) that you care. You can also post it in a message to UW-LI at: Many companies choose to partly (or completely) cover the cost of the purchases for their employees through their own charitable donation. For more information, see the attached flyer. Deadline to place orders is: Friday, October 5th. For more information call 631.940.3702 or email Michael Cooney at:  

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