Bid List 1/21/14

Date Project Name Owner
1/2/14 Shell Creek Bulkhead Replacement Town of Hempstead
  Contractor Bid Amount
  Woodstock Construction Corp. $2,456,070
  ConStar $2,596,894
  Chesterfield Associates $2,611,890
  Scalmandre Organization $2,740,000
  Rockmore Contracting Corporation $2,874,662
  GCCom Construction Co., Inc. $2,985,697
Date Project Name Owner
1/7/14 Garden Wall Restoration - Caumsett State Park NYS Parks & Rec - LI
  Contractor Bid Amount
  Capitol Restoration Corp. $337,860
  WGP Contracting Inc. $379,300
  New York Paving Inc. $469,696
  Saracino Construction $543,900
  Woodstock Construction Corp. $645,000
  Landtek Group Inc. $648,800
  Shri Construction Corp. $753,100
  Ocean Construction $876,000
  Minelli Construction Co. Inc. $1,110,000
  Olympic Contracting Corp. $1,368,000
Date Project Owner
1/8/14 Track & Field Reconstruction @ South Side HS Rockville Centre UFSD
  Contractor Bid Amount
  Landtek Group Inc. $1,559,600
  Laser Industries Inc. $1,600,000
  Custom Clay, Inc. $2,280,000
Date Project Owner
1/8/14 Chemical Injection & Metering Upgrades @ Well #7 Port Washington Water District
  Contractor Bid Amount
  Bensin Contracting inc. $95,400
  Atlantic Wells, Inc. $116,790
  Philip Ross Industries Inc. $155,000
  Bancker Construction Corp. $195,780
Date Project Owner
1/14/14 Dune Walkovers City of Long Beach Public Works
  Contractor Bid Amount
  Galvin Brothers Inc. $3,885,000
  Grace Industries LLC $4,285,000
  Rockmore Contracting Corporation $4,886,000
Date Project Owner
1/14/14 South Broadway Marina Dock Village of Lindenhurst
  Contractor Bid Amount
  ConStar $88,913
  Ocean Marine Development Corp. $116,101
  Quintal Contracting Corp. $117,762
  Stout Construction $118,613
  Woodstock Construction Corp. $138,450
  Rockmore Contracting Corporation $596,800

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