Bid List 5/27/14

Date Project Name Owner
5/8/14 Track & Field Reconstruction Mattituck-Cutchogue UFSD
  Contractor Bid Amount
  CAC Contracting Corp $835,400
  Landtek Group Inc. $916,400
  Laser Electrical Contracting Inc. $917,030
  Rosemar Construction $967,000
Date Project Name Owner
5/12/14 Sandy Repair Shoreline - SFO Moriches US Coast Guard - Civll Engineering Unit
  Contractor Bid Amount
  Delalio Southfork Asphalt $89,000
  Excav Services Inc. $133,880
  Quintal Contracting Corp $134,674
  Terry Contracting $139,680
  Galvin Brothers Inc. $141,000
  Amma Construction Corporation $149,000
  Renova-Pars Env JV $149,750
  Green Velvet Landscape Contractors Inc. $149,900
  Chesterfield Associates $161,000
  PSL Industries Inc. $168,375
  G & M Earth Moving Inc. $198,000
  Coastline Environmental Group $205,514
Date Project Owner
5/13/14 Bay Park STP Sludge Dewatering Facility Demolition Nassau County Public Works
  Contractor Bid Amount
  Gramercy Group $2,190,000
  RJ Industries/Scalmandre JV $2,387,700
  Posillico Civil Inc. $2,529,665
  Philip Ross Industries Inc. $2,730,000
  John P. Picone $3,086,000
Date Project Owner
5/13/14 Route 109 Sewer Extension NYS DOT - Republic Airport
  Contractor Bid Amount
  Pratt Brothers Inc. $353,353
  Adjo Contracting Corp. $359,676
  Bancker Construction Corp $368,413
Date Project Owner
5/14/14 Ronkonkoma AASF #1 Fightline Rehab - MacArthur Airport NYS DOGS
  Contractor Bid Amount
  Rosemar Construction $3,017,700
  G & M Earth Moving Inc. $3,283,700
  J Anthony Enterprises $3,343,700
  Pratt Brothers Inc. $4,154,451
  Intercounty Paving Associates, LLC $4,292,700
  Merrick Utility Associates Inc. $4,509,460
  Galvin Brothers Inc. $5,153,100
Date Project Owner
5/15/14 Realignment of Taxiways & Extension of Taxiway W Town of Islip
  Contractor Bid Amount
  KPI/Kings Park industries Inc. $196,835
  Tri State Paving LLC $205,000
  Suffolk Asphalt Corporation $227,375
Date Project Owner
5/15/14 Reconstruction of Parking Field H-6 Town of Hempstead
  Contractor Bid Amount
  Roadwork Ahead, Inc. $936,847
  Tri State Paving LLC $938,846
  Richard W. Grim, Inc. $989,136
  Laser Industries Inc. $1,025,925
  Araz Industries $1,145,425
  Allen Industries Inc. $1,268,635
  Valente Contracting $1,278,288
  Pratt Brothers Inc. $1,286,286
Date Project Owner
5/15/14 Shore Road Sediment Removal Town of Brookhaven
  Contractor Bid Amount
  Patchogue Truck & Equipment $90,798
  Amma Construction Corporation $99,000
  Quintal Contracting Corp. $173,025
Date Project Owner
5/16/14 Directional Drilling Incorporated Village of Garden City
  Contractor Bid Amount
  Island Cable Co. $37,100
  Hawkeye, LLC $78,400
  Bancker Construction Corp. $112,312
Date Project Owner
5/21/14 Capital Improvements at Norwood Elementary School Comsewogue UFSD
  Contractor Bid Amount
  Fasco Asphalt Paving $67,874
  Landtek Group Inc. $69,800
  Roadwork Ahead, Inc. $72,500
  Total Construction Corp. $88,000
  DF Stone Contracting $97,777
  Laser Industries Inc. $103,898
  Gatz Landscaping Inc. $116,285
  KJB Industries/Eagle Asphalt Maint $128,888
  Araz Industries  $151,540
  Rosemar Construction $163,000
Date Project Owner
5/21/14 Site Improv @ Islip High School & Islip Jr. High School East Islip UFSD
  Contractor Bid Amount
  BB GC-1 Site & Fields  
  Landtek Group Inc. $3,992,000
  Laser Industries Inc. $4,863,000
  BB GC-2 HS Parking Lot  
  Fasco Asphalt Paving $283,000
  Watral Brothers Inc. $375,000
  Laser Industries Inc. $380,000
  Rosemar Construction $402,800
  BB GC-2B JHS Parking Lot  
  Fasco Asphalt Paving $383,500
  Rosemar Construction $469,450
  Laser Industries $490,000
  BB GC-2C Parking Lot HS & JHS  
  Fasco Asphalt Paving $666,500
  Rosemar Construction $837,000
  Laser Industries $865,000
Date Project Owner
5/22/14 Village Avenue Rehabilitation Village of Rockville Centre
  Contractor Bid Amount
  Roadwork Ahead Inc. $67,892
  Frank Robustello & Sons $74,184
  J Anthony Enterprises $79,282
  Valente Contracting $91,303
  Tri State Paving LLC $94,278
  Allen Industries Inc. $116,818
  Laser Industries Inc. $145,310

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