August 4, 2020

LIWC-Water-conference.pngLIWC Gives Progress Report & Calls For Related Resources

Last Wednesday, LICA Deputy Executive Director & CFO Sheryl Buro joined the Long Island Water Conference (LIWC) for an important multi-purpose press conference. First, just ahead of the July 30 date when new state regulations on maximum contaminant levels for emerging contaminants are due to be set – the LIWC gave a progress report to update the public on what local water suppliers have been doing proactively to prepare for the anticipated new regulations. These efforts include investments of more than $100 million to date (with another $350 million in the pipeline) for related projects to treat drinking water for emerging contaminants such as 1,4 -dioxane, PFOA and PFOS (for more on this subject, see LI Road Warriors Magazine Spring 2020 lead story).

LIWC-Water-Conference-Meeting-Speech-IMAGE.pngA second purpose of the event is to publicly call upon the state to deliver the important resources which have been promised for two years. LIWC is urging the state’s health department to provide educational materials to help local residents understand what the impact of long-term public health is, for consuming water at low levels which are currently being detected throughout Long Island (reports show that 70 percent of the water supply wells on Long Island contain at least some of these emerging contaminants).

As a strong supporter of clean water initiatives for our region, such as additional sewer infrastructure, LICA is proud to show our support for the LIWC and the ongoing efforts put forth by local water suppliers to keep our drinking water safe.

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