July 19, 2016

nys_logo.pngLIREDC Round Six Project Reviews

On Wednesday, July 13, LICA attended the latest LIREDC Infrastructure Work Group meeting to get an update on the status of Round Four projects, and to hear presentations of several new Round Six proposals, some of which would be beneficial not only for Long Island, but potentially, for LICA members as well. Below is a brief outline of those presentations: 

  • Sarah Lansdale of Suffolk County presented their proposal to request funding to provide grants to Suffolk homeowners who voluntarily choose to replace existing septic systems with new environmentally-advanced septic systems. They hope to provide $7,500 in grants + $7,500 in low cost loans to each qualifying homeowner to offset the typical $15K - $25K cost of these new systems.
  • Jack Schnirman of the City of Long Beach presented their plan to continue resiliency improvements to the Long Beach downtown area, including traffic calming, signage, street beautification and more. This is a continuation/expansion of the work done under a prior grant from an earlier LIREDC win.
  • Myralee Machol of the City of Glen Cove hopes to secure funding for a Glen Cove “Western Gateway” Study to help clean up and revitalize an area that connected downtown Glen Cove to the waterfront area where a current $1 billion development project is already underway. This study would include the feasibility of recycling brownfields and further protection of the creek and Hempstead Harbor.
  • Mike Kelly of Kelly Development Group presented their plans for a new $7 million sewer treatment plan to support their proposed 65 acre downtown Farmingville revitalization and economic development plan which includes 292 homes, a park and some commercial space. This development, “The Arboretum” is expected to create 250 temporary construction jobs.
  • Chris Murphy of Great Neck Water Pollution Control District presented their proposal to fund the construction of a third micro turbine (estimated at $1 million). He noted that savings on the third turbine would provide even greater savings than the first two, which were constructed with the help of LIREDC funding won in an earlier round of LIREDC, and were completed ahead of schedule and under budget. GNWPCD are all CSEA employees and construction projects are done under a PLA agreement, paying prevailing wage.
  • Bill Lister from the Village of Roslyn discussed their desire to obtain funding to finish the repair and restoration of the old Grist Mill in Roslyn Village, which they began previously with $500K they won under the Historical Preservation category. Working with the Roslyn Landmark Society and Nassau County, they hope to raise the mill, pour the proper foundation and fix necessary bulkheads. 

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