July 5, 2016
Photo (L to R): John Corlett, Legislative Chairman AAA New York State; Joseph K. Posillico, LICA executive board member; GCA Executive Director Denise Richardson; Ross Pepe, Construction Industry Council President; and Christopher Gawarecki, HUB Truck Rental Corp. (on behalf of the Metropolitan Trucking Association of New York).

LICA Joins GCA's Birthday 'Bash'

Joined by LICA board member Joseph K. Posillico of Posillico Civil and others, the General Contractors Association (GCA) used the 60th birthday of our nation’s Interstate system as a catalyst to draw further attention to our failing infrastructure and the need for increased federal funding to properly maintain it. Presenting a cracked and deteriorated faux-concrete birthday cake on the steps of the Federal Highway Administration office, GCA’s executive director Denise Richardson noted that “The gasoline tax is the single largest source of transportation infrastructure funding” and is advocating for an increase to the existing gas tax, which hasn’t been raised from the flat rate of 18.4 cents per gallon in more than 20 years. LICA’s Joe K. Posillico observed that “Improved automotive gasoline mileage coupled with the arrival of viable electric cars means that gasoline demand will continue to decrease,” alluding to the fact that even an increase in gas tax may not be the entire answer. Although he acknowledged environmental benefits of these automobile advancements, he went on to caution “There won’t be a 100th anniversary of the Interstate system if we don’t address the current band aid approach to funding.” Read the official GCA statement here or see the related Crain’s article here

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