June 9, 2020

nys_dot_logo.pngSuccess! DOT Finally Releases Chips Funding

As concerns about the economy continue to grow, there has been a marked increase in support for infrastructure investment. From local municipalities to state and federal leaders, businesses and organizations, there is a growing acknowledgement of what LICA has always known... that the transportation infrastructure industry is a key driver of the economy, providing outstanding opportunities for high-quality jobs, while maintaining and improving our national transportation systems to — literally —help "keep America moving."

Now more than ever, we believe infrastructure investment will serve as a pillar of support for economic recovery in a post-coronavirus world. Not only do we need a long-term federal infrastructure plan, but in the near-term, despite future funding uncertainty, we must make sure that current planned projects continue to move forward. To that end, multiple leaders, organizations and committees (including the Assembly Minority Conference who issued this letter to Gov. Cuomo) have urged the NYS Department of Transportation to release the current CHIPS budget and funding for 2020-21 without further delay. We are pleased to announce that late yesterday, it was finally released and made public. Click here for a link to view the CHIPS, PAVE-NY and EWR 2020-21 Budgets).

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