November 22, 2016

artba-slide.jpgARTBA Examines Election Results for Transportation Measures

While the rest of the country was still reeling from the presidential race result, the American Road & Transportation Builders Association (ARTBA) was busy examining the success (or failure) of 280 transportation-related measures that were on ballots of 31 states across the country, which they discussed in a recent webinar. Dave Bauer, ARTBA’s senior vice president of government relations, opened the meeting with comments on election results from the standpoint of what it might mean for the transportation industry as a whole. But, as with most other industries, this election has left everyone guessing as to whether a Trump presidency will be good or bad for business. The good news is that President-elect Trump has put forth an outline for a $1 trillion infrastructure plan, but Bauer noted that the plan is based on private – not public – funding, which indicates the projects will need to be revenue-generating investments such as toll roads or airports, etc. This could prove to be troublesome for less-populated regions of the country who do not have enough traffic or population to support those investments in their region. And, as noted in ARTBAs presentation, some GOP leaders have already thrown some “cold water”on his plans.

ARTBA Senior Vice President of Policy and Chief Economist Dr. Alison Premo Black provided detailed reporting and analyses on many of the transportation ballots that were up for vote this November, which represented $247 billion in proposed initiatives (66% for roads & bridges, 31% multi-modal, 3% transit and 1% ports). The results were quite good, showing that $201 billion was approved for 194 initiatives in 24 states. For greater detail, view the complete webinar slide presentation here.

Darren Kettle, executive director, Ventura County Transportation Commission also spoke, giving an overview of California’s transportation funding history as well as discussing his experience campaigning to increase his county’s sales tax for transportation purposes (which failed by a small margin).

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