November 22, 2016

80842708_vote.pngElection Implications for Long Island

LICA, along with the rest of the world, will watch closely as the transition of government leadership takes place with Donald Trump to serve as our 45th President. Although Trump’s transition team has yet to reveal any potential candidates to serve as Secretary of Transportation, we suspect this person will hold tremendous responsibilities in the new administration. Once in place, we look forward to participating in public policy discussions with the new federal leadership. But for Long Island, the re-election of our senior U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer is just as significant as the new Administration’s focus on infrastructure construction. 

Shortly after Election Day, the Senate Democratic Caucus elected Sen. Schumer to serve as the Minority Leader. And although he reigns from the opposite political party of the President-elect, we expect to find these two New Yorkers working well together on behalf of the interests of our industry.

On the state level, although New York Governor Andrew Cuomo did not appear on the ballot this year, his passionate obsession with building marquee mega-projects such as the Tappan Zee Bridge and LaGuardia Airport will probably earn funding support from an unlikely alliance with the new President’s interest in construction. Let’s hope some of those big ideas and big bucks are directed to Long Island, especially for important projects like sewer construction, which is desperately needed to protect our environment and natural resources.

New York State Senator John Flanagan did appear on the ballot, and he was re-elected to represent northern parts of Brookhaven and Smithtown. Similar to Senator Schumer’s post-Election Day success, Senator Flanagan was re-elected by his party’s conference to serve as the Senate Majority Leader.

The Senate race between John Brooks and Michael Venditto for Long Island’s south shore district which straddles the county line, is still up for grabs, awaiting the tally of absentee ballots. Regardless of the outcome, it appears the Republican Party will maintain control of the State Senate with our own Long Islander, Senator Flanagan, leading that branch of the legislature. Flanagan has been extremely responsive to LICA’s advocacy in the past and we look forward to his continued leadership. For a complete list of LI/NY area election results, click here.

Overall, we believe our industry will still be supported and well represented by the leadership in our LI/NY region. As for the national outlook on infrastructure, although hopeful, we acknowledge that no one yet knows the answer to that question. Stay tuned…

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