November 22, 2016

hardwork.pngThe Elections and the Implications on Infrastructure

Before many could even comprehend the final election outcome, President-elect Trump was onstage vowing to “Make America Great Again,” claiming we will “rebuild our infrastructure” and “fix our inner cities.” With such a high-profile and determined declaration, you’d think our industry would be raising their booms and hoisting a victory flag. But, Trump’s plan to “…rebuild our highways, bridges, tunnels, airports, schools, hospitals” has produced more questions than answers, including the issue of how he proposes to pay for his $1 trillion plan.

Although both parties show strong support for infrastructure investment, the past two weeks have seen a string of commentary from leaders on both sides of the aisle expressing concern or casting doubt on the feasibility of his plan for a variety of different reasons (see some of the articles in our Election and Industry News bulletins). Despite GOP control, it seems everyone (except perhaps the President-Elect himself) realizes the enormous challenges of taking a plan of this size from “pipe dream” to “shovel-ready.” LICA Executive Director Marc Herbst reminds our members and colleagues that even if such a grand plan comes to fruition, there is no guarantee how much our region will benefit, since federal funds are distributed through state budgets, once again putting our future in the hands of (and at the will of) our Governor and state legislators. With fresh memories of this year’s long battle simply to get an approved project list released, we must guard our optimism with remnants of reality.

Until greater details about this plan, this presidency and the politics of this new regime unfold, LICA will continue to work diligently with local and state leaders and industry partners to ensure that our members are well-represented and well-positioned for the future, whatever that may be.

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