October 23, 2018


Last Thursday, representatives from LICA were excited to attend a celebration at Brookhaven Rail Terminal (BRT) to denote the installation of additional tracks, which marks the beginning of Phase II for this important project. LICA’s Marc Herbst and Lynn Barker joined some of the BRT principals including Jim and Tom Pratt (of LICA member firm Pratt Brothers, Inc.) and Jake and Tom Watral (of LICA member firm Watral Brothers) among others, to mark the special occasion. Congressman Jerrold Nadler and a host of other prominent officials, business leaders and community supporters also attended the ceremony. 

The BRT, located in Yaphank, currently employs nearly 60 full time workers and provides vital rail-based shipping, warehousing and logistic solutions for customers such as Home Depot, offering immediate environmental benefits for our island. Last year alone, the 3,200 rails cars that came into BRT resulted in the equivalent of 12,800 trucks being taken off Long Island’s already congested roadways. With a fast-growing list of diverse clients, BRT aims to increase that rail car number to 5,000, providing even greater benefit. Brookhaven Rail continually looks for other ways to minimize environmental impact, such as the purchase of a DUAL LEAF locomotive which minimizes fuel usage and significantly reduces emissions.

Materials and commodities that come into BRT are received from states far across the US, as well as Canada. The BRT was especially proud to receive a few very notable shipments, including supplies for the LIRR Second Track expansion at Ronkonkoma, and the steel used to build Stony Brook’s Children’s Hospital. BRT also provides warehousing and distribution services for a wide variety of commodities, such as agricultural products like flour and canola oil to building materials and aggregates. 

brookhaven-2.pngThe original 30 acre “parcel A” on which the BRT began, will now expand onto the next 90 acres of “parcel B” and will also house an important fuel cell energy project. While working closely with members of the community, local government and IDAs, the BRT is completely privately funded and provides significant tax revenues to the region.


Did you know?

  • One rail car can carry a ton of cargo 480 miles on one gallon of fuel.
  • One train can remove more than 280 trucks (the equivalent of 1,100 cars) from the highways.
  • Railroads consume almost 1/3 less fuel than trucks per ton-mile moved.

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