October 31, 2017

10-25 Spkrs QnA.jpgNYSDEC Presents Final Part 360 Revisions

LICA once again invited key NYSDEC personnel to our headquarters to provide a review of final revisions to the state’s Solid Waste Management regulations (commonly known as Part 360), which are due to take effect November 4.

LICA board member James Haney, III of Rason Asphalt greeted the nearly 60 attendees at the meeting held on Wednesday, October 25. LICA consultant Michael White, Esq. of Tunnel Hill Partners, introduced our special NYSDEC guests: David Vitale, Director of the Division of Materials Management and Richard Clarkson, Director of Permitting and Planning. Other NYSDEC Region 1 officials in attendance were: Regional Director Carrie Meek Gallagher,  Regional Engineer for Materials Management Merlange Genese, Regional Director of Materials Management Syed Rahman, and Environmental Monitors for Materials Management David Gibb and Jim Wade.

Mr. Clarkson provided commentary for the PowerPoint presentation (available for download here) highlighting key changes to the Solid Waste Management regulations which were most relevant to our members (including Parts 360, 361 and 364). Mr. Vitale joined Mr. Clarkson afterwards to answer questions at the open Q&A session that followed. Many of the revisions revolved around Pre-Determined BUDs (Beneficial Use Determinations), C&D Debris Processing and Waste Transporters. They also provided more clarity on which activities require reporting or tracking and what could be done via a registration vs. a permit, etc.

We appreciate the NYSDEC’s participation, giving our members the opportunity to have an open dialogue directly with agency representatives. Although certain issues admittedly still need to be addressed, we believe ongoing conversation is the best way to help get these matters resolved. Mr. Vitale noted that the agency will also be developing an FAQ database that will aim to clarify some of the most common questions. That feature should be available on their site soon and it will be updated as more matters come to their attention.

For additional information on Solid Waste Management regulations and revisions, visit: http://www.dec.ny.gov/regulations/81768.html or to submit related questions to the DEC, email:  SolidWasteRegulations@dec.ny.gov

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