LICA 2020 Election Guide

2020_election-guide.jpgThe 2020 Election Guide produced by LICA should serve as a useful resource and reference for the many upcoming local political races this November. This comprehensive guide includes a variety of information about all 35 local elections: (4) Congressional, (9) Senatorial and (22) Assembly races including:

  • Contact information and fundraising account balances for both major-party candidates
  • Record of any recent LICA PAC contributions
  • Voter enrollment and recent voting history for each district
  • Brief LICA commentary on the candidates with respect to past/future potential performance, influence, accessibility, leadership and seniority.

The guide also offers detailed profiles and notes on a few specific races and recent incumbent actions. As an additional aid, LICA has included a brief outline of current campaign contribution limits.

We urge everyone to review the contents before voting to help you make informed decisions about which candidates will best support our industry moving forward. The guide is also available on our website at:

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