LICA Applauds Cuomo Anti-Sand Mining Veto

Vetoed.pngLast week, business and labor joined LICA in applauding news that Governor Cuomo vetoed the Anti-Sand Mining Bill (A. 100001/S. 8026) which we have vigorously opposed since it was first introduced earlier this year. Thanks to the support of a powerful coalition of organizations, as well as the hundreds of LICA members and labor partners who sent veto-requests online and by mail, our voices were heard and the potential disastrous effects of this bill on our industry and the economy have been avoided. We are grateful that the Governor took the time to listen and consider all aspects of this bill’s impact and made the correct and courageous decision to veto the measure. However, as part of the his careful consideration and out of utmost concern for the environment and well-being of Long Island’s water quality, the Governor did call upon the Dept. of Environmental Conservation, in consultation with the Dept. of Health, to conduct a two-year study on the impacts to groundwater quality resulting from sand mining on Long Island. You can read more about the issue and the Governor’s comments in the related Newsday and LI Business News articles.

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