LICA Press Conference Demands Action on Infrastructure

Press1.pngLICA Press Conference Demands Action on Infrastructure

This past week, as Long Island’s roads, highways and bridges continue to deteriorate and Congress debated a multi-billion dollar transportation appropriation bill (passing yet another 3 month temporary funding extension of the Highway Trust Fund), the Long Island Contractors’ Association held a press conference to remind the public and elected officials of the immense value of public infrastructure. Flanked by depression era cars - to illustrate that the last time the nation truly recognized the power and importance of a strong infrastructure was back in the day of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt - LICA sought to bring attention to this vital issue once again.

Addressing a gathering of business leaders, LICA members and union workforce, Executive Director Marc Herbst was joined by Town of Islip Supervisor Angie Carpenter, Senator Phil Boyle, Assemblyman Joseph Saladino, and John Corlett of AAA Northeast, in calling upon our national leaders to find a long-term permanent solution to the Highway Trust Fund (HTF) crisis. The lack of a ‘concrete’ funding solution for the HTF has led to great uncertainty throughout the marketplace and is forcing state transportation departments to cancel or delay scheduled projects, which is jeopardizing motorists’ safety as well as private sector jobs.

press2.pngIn New York, this uncertainty has apparently caused the state to delay the release of funding for numerous local and state projects in the Long Island region. The economic impact has already begun, as investors and employers delay and/or avoid hiring workers, leasing equipment and purchasing supplies due to the increased investment risk, leading to a loss of jobs and an economic slowdown. If this issue is not addressed immediately, before the 2015 construction season comes to a close, it could have a devastating effect on our local Long Island economy. LICA hopes the press conference sent a strong message to our elected officials in NY and Washington, about the continuing critical importance of infrastructure.

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Photo credits

(Top right: John Corlett, Legislative Committee Chairman for AAA Northeast, Assemblyman Joseph Saladino, LICA Executive Director Marc Herbst,  Town of Islip Supervisor Angie Carpenter, Senator Phil Boyle)

(Bottom left: Members of Northeast Regional Carpenters Union Local 290 and others along with key speakers John Corlett, Assemblyman Joseph Saladino, Marc Herbst, Supervisor Angie Carpenter and Senator Phil Boyle pose after the press conference.)

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