New LI Road Warriors Highlights Belmont’s UBS Arena

LIRW_Vol14_CoverOnly_CMG 1.png

The new Fall issue of LICA’s LI Road Warriors magazine also made its debut at LICA’s recent breakfast event. This edition has a special focus on the Belmont Park project and the new UBS Arena which will soon welcome home our very own New York Islanders! This quarter, the magazine features Richard Browne, Managing Partner of Sterling Project Development (SPD) as our cover story. His firm is part of the development group-New York Arena Partners JV- who are bringing Belmont Park back to life and bringing the Islanders back home (together with great concerts, a fabulous new retail village and eventually a four-star hotel as well). Browne’s firm is responsible for overseeing the arena’s construction and all aspects of the Belmont project. Be sure to read his intriguing story (starts page 18), as well as other interesting facts about the arena’s construction (page 5). Also, be sure to read our “Community” feature (page 11) to see how the Islanders’ organization makes a difference in the community.

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