Recent changes to campaign finance laws may affect our organization as well as many of our members who contribute to local and state electoral campaigns through PAC or household accounts. Therefore, on Thursday, April 11,LICA is bringing in Counsel to both the Democrats (Thomas J. Garry, Partner at Harris Beach PLLC) and the Republicans (John Ryan,Partner at Ryan, Brennan & Donnelly, LLP) to provide attendees with an overview of campaign finance reform and help us understand the new laws relating to:

  • New campaign restrictions for LLC’s (and others)
  • New campaign limits for certain offices
  • Contributions to both PAC and housekeeping accounts 

This seminar, the third in our series this year, is FREE for all LICA members and their employees (non-members are welcome for a $25 fee). We urge all anyone who makes political contributions through their business - or through their membership dues to LICA which may be partially allocated to LICA’s PAC account- to send a representative to this important seminar to ensure they understand and are in compliance with the new regulations. Click here for more information or register now.

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