LICA Joins Hurricane Preparedness Efforts

(12).jpgTurning a cautionary eye to an unpredictable Hurricane Joaquin Long Island heavy contractors begin to ready equipment and staff

 Following a joint news conference with Nassau County Executive Edward P. Mangano regarding the track of Hurricane Joaquin the Long Island Contractors’ Association (LICA) has put their members on notice that they need to begin to implement their storm recovery assistance plans similar to those that were employed prior to Superstorm Sandy that puts a fleet of payloaders, dump trucks, chain saws, and more at the disposal of hard hit municipalities.

LICA Executive Director Marc Herbst stated, “The County Executive is asking all county residents to use the calm before the storm as a time to prepare. Our industry is following that instruction with a coordinated response that builds on past practices to lease heavy equipment to government in the event of severe weather. Superstorm Sandy reminded us that severe weather ignores municipal jurisdictions. How, when and who gets these types of construction equipment to clear paths, gain access for emergency vehicles and utility repair crews must be coordinated among those who have access to the `big picture’ in the event of a major storm. By coordinating the allocation of these limited but crucial assets we can ensure that we can recover faster from major damage.”

WABC 7’s Meteorologist Dr. Bill Evans told LICA, “There are half a dozen viable computer models that are being applied to the track of this storm and it is far too early to say with certainty which one will prove to be accurate. One of them would create genuine havoc in the northeast. If your role is to prepare, withstand and recover from severe weather this would be a good time to start implementing your contingency plan.”

“The Brookhaven Highway Department is monitoring the track of this storm very closely and preparing for a possible landfall on Long Island,” said Brookhaven Highway Superintendent Daniel P. Losquadro.  “Part of our preparations is assessing our equipment needs. Knowing we can rely on private contractors to provide us the additional resources necessary is an integral part of that process. These firms are our partners in our day to day operations, as well as a critical component of our disaster recovery efforts.”

“There is not a responsible municipal official anywhere on Long Island that is not looking at their Sandy playbook and updating it to make sure that every possible precaution is in place prior to the arrival of this latest storm. There are no second chances in being prepared,” Babylon Town Supervisor Richard Schaffer.

“Hempstead Town is on a hurricane watch in part because no one can predict whether or where this storm will come ashore, with what intensity and for how long. We know our low lying south shore communities are vulnerable and we also know that the last three years has seen storm strengthening programs throughout the town. Working with private contractors we are confident we have the resources to respond to whatever Mother Nature sends us,” stated Hempstead Town Supervisor Kate Murray.

President of Operating Engineers Local 138, Mr. Bill Duffy, Jr., stated, “Our members who operate the heavy equipment needed to get the job done are ready to be mobilized. We are just awaiting the word to `go’ and the track of Hurricane Joaquin.”

Photos from the event can be seen here.

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