LICA Seeks Revenue for Infrastructure from Pending Legislation

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Association calls for amended legislation that sets revenue to be directed solely to fund the transportation highway program ahead of testimony in front of NYS Assembly Transportation Committee hearing


Long Island, NY – The Long Island Contractors’ Association (LICA) is calling on legislators to fund New York, and specifically, Long Island’s crumbling infrastructure with amendments in each legalized sports betting, legalized marijuana and prostitution decriminalization bills. Each bill is expected to generate significant revenue to the state; an estimated $75 million for sports betting, estimated $300 million for legalized and taxed marijuana*, and legalized prostitution is estimated to bring in $14.6 billion across the US*. The amendments would direct revenue from the three bills in the state directly to the transportation highway program. LICA is sending letters today to leading legislators to urge support and LICA Executive Director Marc Herbst will call for funding from the potential new revenue on Friday, December 6th in testimony to the New York State Assembly Transportation Committee.

Highways, bridges and roads are in dire need of repair, with a recent pavement study finding 82% of roads surveyed in “poor” to “fair” condition. Earlier this year, LICA released a report detailing deficient bridges across the island, finding 2,557 bridges in need of repair across Nassau and Suffolk counties, and six bridges in need of immediate work.

LICA pointed to New York State’s lottery program as a blueprint in how to fund infrastructure. The founders of that program directed the new revenue towards public education, while this amendment would fund infrastructure spending for roads and bridges.

“Through the leadership of legislators who are sponsoring these bills, we believe we can establish a positive impact by dedicating new funds towards an important need; the aging and crumbling bridge and highway infrastructure in the State of New York. Specifically, families on Long Island depend on safe roads, highways and bridges. On Long Island alone, Nassau and Suffolk county combined have a total of over 2.3 million vehicles, exceeding the total of all five boroughs of New York City. Suffolk and Nassau Counties rank 1st and 3rd respectively for the highest number of center-lane road miles in the state. That means our highways, roads and bridges and other supporting infrastructure require more substantial maintenances, upgrades and improvements. Unfortunately, we have bridges and roads that are not up to standards, and these new revenue streams will assist greatly. That is what I’ll be testifying to the Assembly,” said Marc Herbst, Executive Director of the Long Island Contractors’ Association.

LICA is focusing on infrastructure spending as a key element coming out of next year’s five-year capital program to substantially compete with money set aside for public transportation.



About LICA: As the voice of Long Island's Highway and Infrastructure Professionals, LICA represents Long Island's premier heavy construction general contractors, subcontractors, suppliers and industry supporters. Focused primarily in the infrastructure construction industry, such as highways, bridges, sewers, parks, other public works and private site development, LICA's member companies play a significant role in sustaining the region's quality of life and economic engine that is Nassau and Suffolk Counties.





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